Portfolio Companies and Prior Experience

The Fidelis team has deep experience across the markets it serves and in the process of commercially and physically shaping infrastructure assets to meet its infrastructure investment parameters.  The members of the management team over their collective 250 year career in infrastructure solutions have been involved in a variety of infrastructure projects including, for example: renewable energy, utility scale solar and wind projects, fiber optic networks across North America, data centers, edge processing, district energy/microgrids, low carbon transportation fuel production, long haul high voltage transmission, power generation, hydrogen production and delivery infrastructure, energy and resource delivery, downstream processing facilities, and renewable natural gas infrastructure.  

Grön Fuels, LLC

Grön Fuels Logo
Grön Fuels, LLC is a 60,000 barrel per day renewable diesel production facility (the “Project”) serving offtake customers and markets in the United States, Canada and Europe in need of low carbon transportation fuels. Grön Fuels, LLC is using Haldor Topsoe’s Hydroflex technology and Alfa Laval pretreatment technology, heat transfer and water treatment equipment…

RenGas Infrastructure, LLC

RenGas Infrastructure Logo
RenGas Infrastructure, LLC seeks investments in renewable natural gas generation and processing infrastructure. Renewable natural gas, also referred to as “biogas” in Europe, is a low carbon source of energy derived from municipal solid waste and associated landfills or agriculture-based or municipal-based anaerobic digestion. RenGas assets are underpinned by offtake purchase agreements for the…

Capio Sequestration, LLC

Capio Sequestration logo
Capio Sequestration, LLC seeks investments in carbon capture and sequestration projects for industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, renewable fuels production facilities, and where feasible, power generation facilities. Capio works and partners with project owners, developers, sponsors, industrial enterprises to invest in the infrastructure to deliver CCS solutions for a variety of projects to mitigate and…

Cyclus Steam & Power, LLC

Cyclus Steam & Power, LLC partners with low carbon transportation fuel producers, industrial facilities, manufacturers, petrochemical producers, data center operators, project sponsors, communities, federal, state and local governments to reduce the carbon intensity of their operations or energy consumption by implementing and investing in waste-to-energy and other low carbon infrastructure solutions and low carbon…
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